Why Solar makes sense ?

Solar power energy is the future of electricity in our homes. Governments and countries
around the world are promoting and supporting solar power.

Control Rising Electricity Prices

Electricity Prices have risen by more than 50% in recent times. Once you install a solar system, electricity is literally free!

Save Money for Life

With solar power, you can get total freedom from high electricity bills for life, as you practically make your own electricity.

Smarter & Healthy World

Solar does not produce any pollution. Provides clean energy and gives you the power to make a smarter and healthier world.

Start your solar journey today !

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    Solar Energy:

    We provide future of energy

    Solizer engineers and constructs solar PV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients across India. Using Solizer’s solar PV systems, many customers have generated their own electricity, saved money and contributed to save the planet!

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    Our Services

    Know about the services and solutions we offer.

    Solar Panel/System Installation

    • Technical Analysis
    • Procurement Support
    • Reduce down your electricty Costs
    • Support and guidance

    ON-Grid Solar System Installation

    • Make your own electricity
    • Export excess to the grid
    • Import from Grid incase of shortfall
    • Support and guidance

    Hybrid Solar system installation

    • Make your own electricity
    • Backup through solar
    • Total Utilization of Solar Potential
    • Support and guidance

    Solar Project Consultancy

    • Design Drawings
    • Procurement Support
    • Quality Control and Quality assurance
    • Lower Project Costs

    Why Solizer?

    Qualified and Professional Team

    Unmatched Service and Support

    Hassel Free Quality Controlled Process

    Our Work

    Letting our work speak. We have implemented the solar power systems from homes to residential complexes.
    With unmatched service and support.