How to : Cleaning Solar panels in India according to different regions

What COVID has taught us that cleaning is important in most aspects of our lives. Cleaning solar panels in India is one such area.

Why cleaning Solar panels is important? Solar Panel are the main component of any solar power system. Thus, keeping the solar panels in optimum condition also ensures the solar power system is running great.

To start with, Solar panels do not have any moving parts, which is why there is minimal level of maintenance is required to be compared to other energy sources. In fact maintenance of solar is one of the Top Solar Myths in India

However, cleaning is one aspect of solar panel maintenance that is a bit important. As clean surface of Solar panels ensures they are running at full efficiency.

Even tech giant Google conducted a groundbreaking experiment at their 1.6 MW solar farm in Mountain View, California. The team at Google found that cleaning the solar panels was “the number one way to maximize the solar energy they produce.”

India is a vast country with many regions and variety of weather conditions. Thus, cleaning solar panels in India can be a bit different. Let’s talk about them below.

How to clean solar panels in India – The Steps

  • The first thing you want to do is to check/discuss with your solar panel installer. They might have specific recommendations for cleaning. We at Solizer give regular service and support, including advice on cleaning as well.
  • Solar panels can become incredibly hot in sunshine. So, you should always prefer cleaning your solar panels in the morning/evening, or pick a relatively cool day.
  • Simple cleaning with water is one and simplest and recommended way. Try using a garden hose first; that alone might handle the job. However, if a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated, you might need to give them a more thorough clean.
  • Clean the surface of the solar panel with a soft cloth or sponge. You can also use wiper as well. Keep in mind, You do not have to clean the wiring underneath.
  • If your solar p[panels are installed in a way that they are not accessible to you easily, like they are installed at a certain height. Please try to be extra careful. If it requires you to climb up on the roof. Consider getting professional solar panel cleaners to do the job if you’re not sure if you can perform the task safely. 

Avoid using soap/detergent to clean solar panel. As the soap can create a sticky layer over the panel surface, thus attracting even more dust and hindering the sunlight from reaching the panel fully

Why should you clean your solar panels?

The best reason of cleaning a solar panel is efficiency and performance.

A lot of dust, debris, bird droppings can collect over the panel overtime. Now, this dust and debris create a layer over the panel, thus stopping the full sunlight from reaching the solar panel.

We already know that the more sunlight a solar panel receives, the more efficiently it will produce the electricity. Thus cleaning solar panels will remove those dust and debris layers making panel receive all the sunlight. Finally leading to optimum performance of Solar panels.

Cleaning Solar panel in India on Indian region you live

  • If you live in the north region of India, which is mostly plains region. You should be cleaning your solar panels at least more often. As this region only experiences moderate rains and air also slow moving which can lead to accumulation of dust on panel
  • If you live in coastal region/ Rainy region of India – you can be a bit relaxed as rain water already helps in cleaning the solar panels. But it is still a good practice to clean the panel once a year. Especially considering the fact that “When rain happens, dust/soil accumulates at the bottom edge of the solar panel, obstructing the region of panel and affecting the overall performance”
  • If you live in Hilly regions which experience snowfall or extreme weather. You should definitely consider cleaning your solar panels very often, maybe even every 3 months. As the snow accumulation can lead to many problems for solar panel. Thus, you should try keeping your panels clean at regular intervals

Conclusion and Key takeaways:

  • Dust, debris, bird droppings and pollution can all reduce solar panel efficiency.
  • Leaving your panels dirty will reduce solar electricity output and can affect your solar financials.
  • You should consider cleaning more often if you are located in an arid region, hilly region (with snowfall) or near a pollution source, or if your panels are mounted flat.
  • Monitor solar output before and after a cleaning to measure its impact; adjust the cleaning frequency accordingly.

Solizer is one of the leading solar power company in India that also shares regular expert advice regarding cleaning and maintenance of solar panels with customers

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