Top Solar Myths in India

If you talk or discuss solar power in India, along with all the benefits, there are also lots of solar myths in India.

These widespread myths associated with solar power systems and solar panels are acting as a barrier for you in going solar for the better.

So it’s time to clear out all the persistent solar myths in India.

Myth # 1 – Solar panels and solar system installation is expensive

One of the basic questions about solar is its cost. Most people think Solar power system installation is expensive work.

But the truth is far from it.

The main cost of the Solar power system comes from the initial investment that is required to purchase solar equipment like Solar Panels, solar inverters, etc.

But, if you consider factors like:

  • Substantial reduction is the electricity bills
  • Long life of Solar panels (a typical good quality solar panel lasts for 25 years).
  • The price of solar has reduced rapidly with advancement in technology over the last 10 years.

you will realize that solar is actually much cheaper than conventional grid power and is like a long-term stable investment that pays high returns.

Solar Myth #2: Solar panels don’t perform well in cold-weather climates of North India and North-East India

This is one of the common solar myths in India. In reality, solar panels extract energy from light, not heat. So cold weather has little to do with how well your solar installation functions. 

If anything, cold temps help the solar panels perform better. Because, as solar panels get hotter and hotter—like on a scorching July afternoon — they actually begin to produce less power from the same amount of sunlight. But that’s a very extreme example.

Basically, in the Himalayan regions and other areas of India prone to freezing temps, as long as the sun is shining on your panels, you’ll be generating energy. Ladakh which is considered the coldest place in India actually provides the highest solar energy generation!

Myth # 3 – Solar panels are hard to maintain

In actuality, Solar panels are one of the easiest things to maintain. There is no moving part in solar panels, no oiling or wiring.

Cleaning Solar panel with a water pipe and a wiper.

The only maintenance a typical solar panel needs is cleaning. Depending on the site condition, the solar panels can accumulate dust over their surface, which can reduce its efficiency. So for that, you just need to clean your solar panels with water. That too around once every 2-3 months or as per requirement. You can refer to our cleaning Solar panels in India guide.

Things cannot get any simpler. Next time anyone says Solar panels are hard to maintain. Just clear out some dust with them.

Myths #4: Solar panels are weak and can easily crack during winds and heavy rainfalls.

If you live in Northeast India, Coastal India, or anywhere with the extreme rainy season, you might think, “Solar panels and rain—that can’t be a good combination.”

You might even think heavy rainfall will damage your Solar panels and affect your electricity supply.

But the simplest way to dispel that myth is to say,” Rains are good for your solar panels as they help clean them”

Every solar panel manufactured is required to undergo testing for extreme weather conditions. And to prove that they’ve done so, a manufacturer must obtain relevant IEC certifications.

Myths #5: Solar panels take a lot of space to install and damage the roof of the home

Again, this is a common myth that has no truth in reality. In actuality, solar panels are lightweight and take less space. The Solar panels do not affect the roof in any way. In fact, installing a solar system may help you in reducing the temperature of the room below it.


These were some common Solar myths in India. Now you can sit relaxed and install a solar system in your home or establishment. Solar is good for everyone. You, the environment, and everyone around you.

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